About Us

Taking assumptions out of the equation

We are a team of economists, data scientists, and former Strategy Consultants united to help solve hard data problems for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our founding team are alum of the London School of Economics, IBM, McKinsey & Tableau.

Our focus, sharpest edge and pedigree of innovation lies in producing analytics products to answer Key strategic or operational business questions.

While we pride ourselves in designing best in class analytics, we also help our clients transform their organizations with data.

We have helped a multitude of companies rethink their internal processes around data, fostering the ideal of the scientific enterprise and promoting data as the lifeblood of the organization.

Our solutions are used on a daily basis by 1000s of users worldwide at startups and Fortune500 companies alike.

Why you'll benefit from OccamLabs

Our models and data products help:

Explore OccamLabs' Expertise

Data Enrichment & Integration

Add value to your data and derive actionable insights.

Data Visualization

Help your teams discover the what, explore the why and lead them to what’s next.

Data Governance & Collaboration

Protect your data, envision the change, scale your insights.

Predictive Analytics

Catch the next wave in your business, develop forward looking capabilities.

Data Monetization

Your data has value. We’ll help you create revenue generating data products.

Managed Analytics

All the gains, none of the pain, start winning with data today.


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