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Your teams need secure data pipelines that enable them to retrieve and share data, all the while protecting its sensitivity. In addition business leaders need to clarify the policies and standards required to ensure effective data management across the organization.

OccamLabs helps organizations design processes to make data available to their stakeholders while ensuring usability, integrity and security.


Average Total Cost of a Data breach: $3.86M

The Ponemon Institute.

Champion a data driven culture with easy access to quality information on-demand

OccamLabs can help you by providing advice pertaining to: 

  • Best practices and governance standards ensure correct and secure data usage.​
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and risk mitigation planning.


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OccamLabs data governance
services help businesses
make better, faster decisions.

Well-governed data is easier for users to access and leverage in a systematic way. Data governance enables information and knowledge to flow through the organization.

The double Edge Sword.

As privacy regulations proliferate across the globe, organizations are struggling to keep up.

GDPR in EU, followed by privacy regulations in Brazil and India, and the California Consumer Privacy Act, presents a constantly-shifting landscape that require building a strong data privacy program that has to go beyond just meeting the minimum requirements.

White Paper: Data Governance

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