Data Visualization

Generate insights, connect your teams, empower your business.


To provide the right business context from big data, convey the points visually and you’ll transform raw data to presentable, actionable insights.

Dashboards will help you connect information from disparate sources, explore dependencies and establish patterns. 

To succeed at visual storytelling it requires the right skills and tools. OccamLabs’ consultants are certified experts in technologies such as Tableau and PowerBi. With years of experience and 100s of dashboards delivered, you will be in good hands. 

We also excel at delivering custom data interactive experiences through technologies such as D3, and, Mapbox and more.

“91 % of C-level executives believe that preparing data for insights costs resources and efficiency”.

Experian, Global Data Management Benchmark Report, 2018

Discover the what, uncover the why, explore what-if.

Guide critical business decisions, from where to find new customers to optimizing allocation of resources.

Interpret and summarize complex information through exploratory data analysis.

Capture attention with striking representations, elevate discussions and qualify decisions.


Every sales activity is measurable, the challenge though is often knowing how to improve the quality of the insights generated with so much data flooding in. And while the underlying analytical methods have been around for a while, advanced analytics has only recently become available via the confluence of rich data, cheap computing, and the abundance of new technology applications … Read More

The value of marketing analytics lies not just in measuring the numbers but in helping put the business user in control to optimize performance and craft an effective marketing strategy. Organizations today have more data than ever at their disposal and OccamLabs can help you realize its value for your marketing team… Read More

Analytical tools enable businesses to make better decisions, drawing on actionable insights to deliver the best results possible. On a day-to-day basis applying data modeling and optimization techniques can significantly improve both operational efficiency and resource utilization… Read More

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Data Enrichment & Integration

Add value to your data and derive actionable insights.

Data Visualization

Help your teams discover the what, explore the why and lead them to what’s next.

Data Governance & Collaboration

Protect your data, envision the change, scale your insights.

Predictive Analytics

Catch the next wave in your business, develop forward looking capabilities.

Data Monetization

Your data has value. We’ll help you create revenue generating data products.

Managed Analytics

All the gains, none of the pain, start winning with data today.

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