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Data Governance

"The double Edge Sword"

As privacy regulations proliferate across the globe, organizations are struggling to keep up.

GDPR in EU, followed by privacy regulations in Brazil and India, and the California Consumer Privacy Act, presents a constantly-shifting landscape.

These changes require building a strong data privacy program that has to go beyond just meeting the minimum requirements.

Data Monetization

"Learn how data monetization can build new revenue streams for a business"

Recently there has been a change in the expectations of business users within the enterprise market, with information consumers wanting to do more with less effort.

The growing availability and access to data has created an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to radically improve their decision-making and customer focus.

OccamLabs White Papers

OccamLabs regularly publishes white papers on current topics pertaining to data analytics. These are distilled from 5 years of experience working on varied data problems and industry solutions.

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Data Enrichment & Integration

Add value to your data and derive actionable insights.

Data Visualization

Help your teams discover the what, explore the why and lead them to what’s next.

Data Governance & Collaboration

Protect your data, envision the change, scale your insights.

Predictive Analytics

Catch the next wave in your business, develop forward looking capabilities.

Data Monetization

Your data has value. We’ll help you create revenue generating data products.

Managed Analytics

All the gains, none of the pain, start winning with data today.


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