Data Enrichment & Integration

Enrich your data foundation, sharpen decisions, put your data to work.

Enriching and integrating data into a unified, consistent view of the truth enables better insights and stronger decisions.

However, combining and enhancing data requires specialized expertise, tools, resources and methods that can be complex to scale.

Expanding your data horizon will allow you to test new hypotheses, evaluate new markets, pursue new opportunities.

Occamlabs has experts with years of expertise in delivering data quality and expansion programs and guide you from data to strategy building.

Poor data quality costs businesses between $9.7 million and $14.2 million on average, annually.

Gartner, Data Quality Market Survey, 2018

Clean data, rich outcomes

Data quality is often difficult to define because of the context that the data is used in, and the perspective of the end users.

Effective data quality programs involve not just technology and tools; it requires a comprehensive framework with clear metrics, processes, policies, rules and responsibilities.


Every sales activity is measurable, the challenge though is often knowing how to improve the quality of the insights generated with so much data flooding in. And while the underlying analytical methods have been around for a while, advanced analytics has only recently become available via the confluence of rich data, cheap computing, and the abundance of new technology applications …Read More

The value of marketing analytics lies not just in measuring the numbers but in helping put the business user in control to optimize performance and craft an effective marketing strategy. Organizations today have more data than ever at their disposal and OccamLabs can help you realize its value for your marketing team….. Read More

Analytical tools enable businesses to make better decisions, drawing on actionable insights to deliver the best results possible. On a day-to-day basis applying data modeling and optimization techniques can significantly improve both operational efficiency and resource utilization…. Read More

Empower Business Decisions
Through Quality Data.

Understand who your customers are, where they are and what they want. Additional economic value can be generated by monetizing the data that you directly transform to insights or indirectly by using your data to generate revenue.

The double Edge Sword.

As privacy regulations proliferate across the globe, organizations are struggling to keep up.

GDPR in EU, followed by privacy regulations in Brazil and India, and the California Consumer Privacy Act, presents a constantly-shifting landscape that require building a strong data privacy program that has to go beyond just meeting the minimum requirements.

White Paper: Data Governance

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White Paper: Why external data should be part of your data strategy


Why external data should be part of your data strategy

A successful data strategy turns a company’s data into important insights and financial gains — but it shouldn’t stop with information from inside the firm. From historic weather information to customer preferences to shopping trends, organizations have access to a vast number of data sets outside their walls, some for a price and others for free, that can sharpen analytics and ultimately boost the bottom line.

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